Remembering Lemuria : Channeled Messages from Lemuria

Remembering Lemuria : Channeled Messages from Lemuria
Remembering Lemuria : Channeled Messages from Lemuria
Connecting to Lemurian Quartz Crystal Consciousness

Channeled from Bab, one of the Great Lemurian Mothers / High Priestess of Mu


“We are being remembered here now, in the coming of a new age, to return to a state of natural order in reverence of Earth, energy, and all creation.

In Lemurian times all needs were met, we knew no fear, no insecurity, no concept of “not enough”, for all we knew was abundance. 

The Lemurians worked with plants and minerals. They were multidimensional and received knowledge from star systems.

5D - Pleaidians taught them knowledge of herbs, plants, seeds and flower essences

6D - Sirians taught them how to use gemstones, crystallized minerals in thought projection, healing and storing information like computer hard drives.

7D - Andromedans taught the Lemurians fungi systems, mold and bacteria networks


Life in Lemuria

Many animals in Lemuria were much larger than we know them now. Insects were much larger and destructive. Birds were prolific in Lemuria and also grew to larger scale than we are used to today. Water birds especially. Eagles, as well Herons were revered and held affinity with the Lemurians perhaps providing messages from other areas of Earth beyond Mu and the Pacific. Helping to gather and disperse higher knowledge.

Reptiles, especially Snakes were also larger and more prolific in times of Lemuria. There were many species of large land and sea snakes. There were a large species of bird that also swam and had a long body like a snake, it was a descendent of a dinosaur and came from Star systems in Orion’s belt. Dolphins and Whales originating from Sirius B Star systems were some of the few animals that had an affinity with the Lemurian people and shared with them higher knowledge through sound and vibration. Whales could once walk on two legs and lived on land, swimming in the ocean to find food. They learned to hold their breath under water for long periods, developed fins and became the largest mammals of the Earth’s Seas. But back in Lemurian times they were new to Earth and they were strong allies with their cosmic cousins, the Lemurians.

The Lemurians, for the most part, left animals alone - for all species had their mission on Earth, their purpose to fulfill.  All were wild and free.

Later, after Lemuria sunk, one of the reasons for the fall of Atlantis and the advanced knowledge passed from Sirius, Pleaides, Lemuria was lost and human’s changed, they adopted this inherent desire/drive to control animals. And adopted this belief that humans were above animals. This stemmed from fear, as animals in Lemurian times were much larger and more destructive than now. Humans and technology have taken over this control and destruction of Earth - yet the animals had purpose - their destruction was a part of the creation templates and this was  a part of their purpose for Earth and the ascension of their species. Everything is here for a purpose. Yet, humans interfered, disrupting the natural order.


There was no money in Lemuria - no coins, papers with value that were exchanged for goods or services. There was trade, that occurred as energy exchange, a natural never forced sharing of knowledge, and gifts. Obligation. motivation and productivity were not concepts either and so neither was competition. All was a state of abundance and all needs were always met. All always felt secure and safe and were never ill or hungry or uncomfortable as these were not known concepts in Lemurian experience, yet as in the beginning of Lemuria there was no sense of separation or duality. Since all base needs were always met, the Lemurians were able to expand their consciousness and were highly advanced spiritual beings.

In Lemuria, “work life” looked like energy exchanges between beings happening instantaneously (that can be akin to what we know as “work, our job or career” and is how things got done, so to speak. All needs were met. All felt safe, secure, no fear, all unconditional love and all maintained a high vibration frequency, an euphoric state and raised the frequency of all life that came into a Lemurian’s field - physical or etheric. This is why we remember Lemurians and envision them now as golden light bodies - beings emitting golden light / surrounded by an aura of golden/white light. and have a strong feminine and  healing energy to them. The Lemurians were encoded with these energetic gifts in their DNA,  this is their 3d light body which they needed- required a 3d vessel to experience 3d life on Earth but maintain their multidimensional being. This vessel is their light body. The light body knows navigates the multiverse.

Part of our Ascension process and awakening journey is to activate our light bodies, which are codes in our DNA that have been dormant for many centuries, earlier than ancient Egyptian times. Even if you did not have a lifetime as a Lemurian we all have these light body DNA encoded with multidimensional codes for spiritual technological advanced templates - these codes lay dormant within us but are slowly being awakened and activated the more we remember.

Even if your soul did not experience a lifetime in Lemuria, we are all connected to Lemurian consciousness, as we are all part of Earth's story. Through resonating, meditating with Lemurian Quartz crystals we can activate our light bodies, remember our ancient star origins and access higher cosmic consciousness to assist our ascension journey.


Lemurian Quartz crystal grid 


Since your awakening, your Lemurian essence filters your intuition and heart-knowing, opening third eye, inner sight and awareness of your highest selves. All higher beings and guides that come into your awareness are all aspects of your higher selves - one all unity consciousness manifesting into form through the avatar perception. As you awaken and remember life in Lemuria, your perceptions will begin to change, beliefs alter to deeper understand your purpose. You may feel a detachment or indifference towards money or no longer feel any sense of obligation or desire to make money. You may feel the desire to eat lighter foods, and notice a change in sleeping patterns - either needing a lot of extra sleep 10+ hours, or needing vey little sleep, 4 hours or less - and possible alternating between these. These are all common changes that accompany awakening and activation and indicate cycles of detoxification, purging and purification, a cleansing mind, body and spirit to raise your frequency and activate your light body. 


Lemuria was a highly advanced civilization run by Divine Feminine forces.


You remember Lemuria and have awakened your cosmic memory, you are learning to activate your light body and connect to cosmic consciousness. Gaining insight from your highest self, downloading your cosmic history and galactic origins, integrating your Starseed mission and aligning with your highest purpose in this 3d earth timeline you agreed to experience.

Connecting to your highest self and initiating your Starseed mission templates, accelerating your ascension process ark, activating inherent intuitive powers and sacred healing gifts for you to share with others and raise the frequency of humanity through your cosmic resonance."

Channeled from Bab, one of the Great Lemurian Mothers / High Priestess of Mu


Tools and Techniques for Exploring the Multiverse 

Lemurian Quartz crystals, Lemurian Seeds awaken our cosmic memory, initiate deep healing and the ascension process. We explore the higher realms  and astral planes multidimensionally by learning to mentally conjure our energy energetic field. Lemurian Quartz crystals are light chambers and cosmic receptors - energy channels. You programmed Quartz crystals with codes of advanced Lemurian abilities from your life in Lemuria - and you were meant to find these crystals now…to remember and to help the ascension process and becoming of a New Earth. 

These Lemurian Quartz crystals are energy channels bridging 3d Earth / Terrestrial consciousness with multidimensional unity consciousness ~ bringing conscious light bodies to the Earth with conscious codes for inhabiting Earth. 

The Lemurians utilized sound and water to achieve advanced abilities such s telepathy and teleportation. One of the reasons the Sirians and Pleiadians were so interested in Earth is because of Earth’s water.

Crystals are keys to doorways leading to truths.

Lemurian Quartz 

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Look inside yourself - that you already are all that you wish to be, you are becoming more your truth and more in your power and inner knowing as your powers and highest path unfolds before you.


Love & Gratitude, 




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