Phosphosiderite is a rare mineral of phosphate and iron. Its colour is a soft, creamy light pink and purple, with yellow veins. It is a brittle, soft stone with a hardness of 3.5-4, primarily found in Argentina and Chile.


Metaphysical Energy & Healing Properties of Phosphosiderite:


The soft, gentle energy of Phosphosiderite is like a comforting balm to smooth “emotional rough edges”, enhancing inner peace, joy, bliss and feelings of euphoria. Being around Phosphosiderite stones evoke joyful feelings, helping to dispel irritability, diffuse anger, and soothe the nervous system.


It is beneficial to keep Phosphosiderite around the home, office/workspace and any gathering space, as the energy of this beautiful, orchid-coloured stone lift one’s spirits.


Phosphosiderite is a heart opener, increasing comfort and joy.  Eliciting feelings of  peace in your own skin and in any surroundings.


Keep Phosphosiderite by you or carry it with you and hold when experiencing overstimulation, panic or overwhelm. Phosphosidrite offers relief in stressful, nervous situations and helps bring one back into the physical here and now.


Consult Phosphosiderite when assessing your surroundings or a particular space, to gain knowledge on the environment - what is already present energetically and what energy is needed to bring to the space.


Phosphosiderite stone hearts



Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra energy work and meditation.

Phosphosiderite is a crown opener, gently increasing awareness, opening the Third Eye and evoking higher connection to spirit and universal consciousness.


Phosphosdierite aids meditation and is a tool for relaxing the mind and body, quieting the mind and reaching altered states.


Working with Phosphosiderite can activate ascension and gaining knowledge of higher self and elements of your spiritual journey and purpose.

Phosphosiderite stones can facilitate your personal development and spiritual journey, helping to gain deeper understanding of self and wisdom into the necessary lessons creating meaning in this timeline you currently choose to be in.


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