Metaphysical Properties of The Mineral Barite / Baryte

Metaphysical Properties of The Mineral Barite / Baryte



Barite is one of my favourite minerals. I was immediately drawn to the powerful energy and high vibration I could feel from this crystal, before even knowing it was Barite. Over the years I’ve gathered a few special Barite specimens for my personal collection and they are some of my most used crystal tools in meditation, connecting with higher consciousness and energy work. I am drawn to their density, and when I hold a Barite crystal, a comforting feeling envelopes me and feels uplifting, subtly raising my vibration.  The intensity of their energy feels like electro-static and magnetic as if it’s drawing in volumes of information, and drawing out toxins, negativity and whatever isn’t serving my highest good.

I’m honoured to share my experiences with Barite in this blog post, and have included some ways you can work with Barite in your crystal journey.

I’m starting with a brief section on the scientific properties of Barite because the more I learn about minerals, the more I see the connection between their physical properties / elemental make-up and their metaphysical and potential healing properties.


Blue Barite rare mineral specimens from Morocco


Mineral Properties:

Barite or Baryte is a mineral consisting of barium sulfate (BaSO4). Baryte is white or colorless, light blue, green, grey, yellowish or reddish brown and forms as tabular crystals with chisel tip terminations, platelettes, rosettes, and other crystalline forms.  The Baryte group consists of Baryte, Celestine/Celestite (strontium sulfate), Anglesite (lead sulfate), and Anhydrite (calcium sulfate).

The first thing you may notice when picking up a Baryte crystal is how heavy it is.

Barite gets its name from Greek word, “barys”, meaning “heavy”. Baryte has high density and a gravity of 4.5, which is remarkably high for a non-metallic mineral. Though it is heavy and dense, Barite is relatively soft, it has a hardness of 3-3.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale.

Baryte grows in a variety of different crystal habits and colour variations, and is found in many parts of the world. USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Morocco, Romania, China, are some of the main locations for Baryte mineral specimens.

Barite can be clear/colourless, white, blue, and many shades of brown, yellow, orange, red, green, black and grey.

Barite crystals form as tabular, prismatic, bladed, nodular, fibrous, stalactitic and as rosettes. They can contain phantom growths and can range from transparent to opaque.



Brown Barite crystals from Morocco


Metaphysical & Potential Healing Properties:

Baryte’s energy is dense like a weighted blanket, yet soft, offering a sense of security and comfort that can help to ease anxiety. Barite can help release fear and let go of what is not serving your spiritual growth, helping you to accept the changes necessary to align with your highest path.

All varieties of Barite can be used as a tool for easing anxiety. Blue Barite in particular helps with healing from trauma.

Barite is a crystal for personal freedom and accepting one’s power.

Barite can promote the process of catharsis, a purging and purification that releases repressed emotions. Barite can also stimulate detoxification process on a mental/emotional level, helping you to release toxic attachments, behaviours, patterns and beliefs.


Blue Barite with Tourmaline


Barite has a powerful high vibration energy and initiates a strong connection to the higher dimensional realms.


Barite is a tool for accessing higher dimensional realms, journeying inward, astral travel and multidimensional travel through dreams and meditation.


If you would like to further understand your dreams, and their higher significance for your path, Barite is a powerful tool to help you deeply investigate and decipher the patterns, symbols and messages coming through in your dreams.


Barite assists in raising your vibrational frequency so that you can access and explore higher consciousness and spirit realms.


With Barite’s high density and gravity, this powerful mineral acts as an energetic anchor. Anchoring the higher vibrational energies and messages from higher consciousness into one’s physical being, and conscious awareness. Barite is a crystal for Ascension and helps one to integrate these energies, assisting on the spiritual ascension journey.


Working with Barite helps one become a channel for their higher self and assists in aligning with one’s highest purpose. Barite helps one accept their full power.



Black Tourmaline on Barite from Brazil


Working With Baryte / Barite


✧ Hold or lay on the body for relieving anxious energy, stress and nervous tension


✧ Meditate/hold in hands /lay on the body or place a Barite crystal at the top of your head to initiate an emotional healing catharsis. This can bring up emotions you thought were released long ago but had become trapped in your emotional body, never fully dealt with. This process can be challenging at first, as all healing is. Once you’ve allowed the toxins (such as fear, resentment, guilt, shame etc) come up to be released you will feel a sense of renewal, resilience and inner strength. A restored sense of calm and inner peace.


✧ Meditate with Barite to facilitate inner journeying, where you can meet your spirit guides and explore other dimensional realms


✧ Sleep with or close to Barite to help you remember your dreams, decipher patterns, symbols and messages coming through in your dreams


✧ Holding Barite helps clear blockages created by your ego, and initiates a deep cleansing of all that does not serve your highest purpose


For emotional healing, easing anxiety, and working through trauma, Barite works well with Lithium based minerals like Petalite, Lepidolite and Lithium Phantom Quartz.


For spiritual practice, dream work, astral travel, and accessing higher consciousness Barite works well with Lemurian, Starbrary, Elestial, Faden and Dow / Trans-Channeler Quartz crystals, Celestite, Angelite, Danburite, Moldavite, Phenakite, Cuprite & Zincite.  


Barite is a gift from the Earth, and I welcome you to explore the many varieties this wonderful mineral exhibits. Barite’s many forms and colours make it a great collector’s mineral.


With Gratitude,



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    Cybele Rochat: September 24, 2021


    Wonderful blog post! Very thorough & informative.I have a question for you:

    Is Barite the white stone found in the pieces of Septarian that are only Black & White?

    - I have seen this suggested elsewhere, I want it confirmed in a few places before I take it as true/fact.

    Thanks so much!
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