Lion’s Gate Portal of Initiation

Lion’s Gate Portal of Initiation


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Lion’s Gate Portal of Initiation 

Lion’s Gate is the name given to the period of time each year we experience through the end of July into the beginning of August. Most say that the portal is open July 26th to the peak on August 8th - 8/8, but can be felt a few days before and after as well and can depend on your geo-location.

During this time the Earth experiences heightened energetic shifts in consciousness, leaps in ascension activations and awakenings, all marked by the rising of star Sirius in the night sky.


July 25th is known in the Mayan calendar as “Day Out of Time”, an energetic rest, a sacred pause, a standstill, day in limbo and transition, as the galactic year has ended and a new galactic cycle has not yet begun.


“Day Out of Time” is a powerful time to prepare and gather guidance, rest, and set intentions. On the following day, The

Lion’s Gate Portal begins to open on July 26th, which marks the start of a New Galactic Year.


S I R I U S    R I S I N G


Excerpt from, “Initiation, Human And Solar,” by Alice A. Bailey.

“Cosmic influences and Solar Initiations”

“Cosmic influences affect our Earth, and produce results in the consciousness of humans everywhere, and which during the process of initiation, bring about certain specific phenomena.

First and foremost is the energy or force emanating from the Sun Sirius. The energy of thought, or mind force, in its totality, reaches the solar system from a distant cosmic centre via Sirius. Sirius acts as the transmitter, or the focalising centre.”


The Lion’s Gate 88 portal of 2021 is a Portal of Initiation

~ Royal Path of Mastery

Lion's Gate Crystal Grid


Throughout this time gateway, which the Earth passes on it’s yearly cycle, waves of new energy and downloads shower upon Earth and there is an activation of new templates.

An opportunity for further awakening on our soul ascension journey through expansion and connecting with higher aspects of self. 

This portal is encouraging Soul expansion through the courage to express our true authentic selves, attracting other members of our soul family to align paths and unite here on Earth.


Activating codes from your future highest self.

Our ancestors are helping to level up, bringing us to a higher perspective. Eagle view. Coming into alignment. Accepting our highest purpose as we continue on our ascension journey, coming in to our true authentic self. we are not here to please anybody.


Activating light codes from our future higher selves and a new path unfolding, revealing itself before us. Offering new opportunities - this is the new template integrating. What is to come is what we have been training for yet we will not know what it is until we face it on our path. Obstacles are transmuting - all is shifting in this time of Transformation.

It is already written.

Already done.

Our Spirit Guides are giving you a playful but firm push. We can’t go back, a new cycle is upon us. The Lion’s Gate portal is open and waves of light codes and upgrades are flowing through into the collective.


Enter the portal in your awareness, magnify intentions, transmute blockages, doubts and fears.


Transmuting past timelines in Sirius, Lemuria and Atlantis.

All exists but to be transmuted.

Free yourself, be inspired. Unplug from mass consciousness and tap into the multidimensional cosmic network of which your soul resides.

Your heart is the access point.

You are the portal.


Lion's Gate Portal of Initiation activates the Heart and Third Eye Chakras as well as the Chakras in the hands.

Hand Chakra Activation - Awakening the Vortices in the Palms of Your Hands

Third Eye Activation - higher frequency filter - filtering light and sound frequencies at expanding time intervals to receive the knowledge encoded within the frequency - activating time travel, telepathy and other interdimensional possibilities

Tingles in hands, head, arms, feet, face, anywhere in body - confirmation of alignment from higher self.

Heart Chakra Activation - Expansion in the heart space, entering the portal through the heart, higher heart activation and release, allowing for upgrades


Lion’s Gate Portal is a period of heightened energy, initiating and activating those who are ready and meant to awaken at this time.


One of the initiations I received during the 2017 Lion’s Gate Portal was a Kundalini awakening and afterwards I noticed intense heat and whirling energy in and emanating from the palms of my hands. The energy centres in the palms of my hands became activated, and I gained heightened abilities in sensing and manipulating energy.

Each Lion’s Gate since, I have received upgrades and downloads, further developing my intuitive gifts.

Once my palm vortices were activated, I could feel energy in and hovering above and extending out from the centre of both of my palms. Tingling, electric energy.

Others have experienced the energy surging through their hands and out through their fingertips.

Everyone can sense the energy in their own way.

I instinctively began to work with this energy from my hands - expand it, grow it and consciously direct it through my palms and fingers and program the movement of energy with my intentions.


You can work with the energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal to activate your hand vortices, palm chakras too.

Here are a few suggestions:


Water Activation

* Natural flowing/moving water (the faster/more rapid moving water the more desirable) - immerse your hands and as much as your body as you can in the water and ideally in the sunlight with the sun reflecting on the water


Earth Activation

Initiating flow of energy - in / out, transmitting - receiving in harmony with the Earth

  • Burying your hands in the natural sand or soil of the earth
  • Placing both hands upon a tree


Hasta Mudras / Hand Mudras

  • Hand and finger positions - symbolic / ritual gesture
  • An aspect of Yoga and Hindu, Jain and Buddhist spiritual ritual practice
  • Some I recommend practicing are Gyan, Abhaya, Jnana & Chin Mudra, and Mukula Mudra for balancing energy field
  •  * copy and paste this link for a basic reference on Mudras



  • Crystals can help as tools in developing these energy techniques and finding what works best for you.

Some Techniques For Working with Crystals & The Lion's Gate Portal Energy

  • Hold a crystal in each hand - hands closed - place a crystal on Third Eye, close eyes and focus on breathing

  • Hands open facing up - place a crystal in each palm, keep eyes open, soften gaze, breathe deeply and or chant / hum / sing

  • Hold a crystal in each hand while in meditation 
  • Go for a walking meditation while holding a crystal in each hand
  • Create a crystal grid or layout and place hand over the crystals
  • Lay hands upon larger Quartz crystals (clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz or Amethyst)

Some Crystals For Lion's Gate Portal Initiation Activation

All high vibration minerals, crystals and gemstones and any you feel intuitively drawn to work with and have around you.

- Amethyst

- Rhodochrosite

- Rhodonite

- Lapis Lazuli

- Heliodor

- Citrine

- Amblygonite

- Libyan Desert Glass / Libyan Golden Tektite

- Smoky Quartz

- Clear Quartz

- Lemurian Quartz

- Laser Quartz

- Danburite

- Kunzite

- Malachite

- Chrysocolla

- Phantom Quartz

- Elestial Quartz

- Black Tourmaline

- Dravite / Dravide Brown Tourmaline

- Watermelon Tourmaline - Green and / or Pink Tourmaline




We are receiving activation and light codes from our future higher selves and a new path is unfolding, revealing itself before us. 

Enter the portal in your awareness, magnify intentions, transmute blockages, doubts and fears.

All exists but to be transmuted.

Free yourself, be inspired. Unplug from mass consciousness and tap into the multidimensional cosmic network of which your soul resides.

Your heart is the access point.

You are the portal.


May we harness our power for the greater good and rise to accept our initiation. 

It is already written.

Already done.


Love & Gratitude,




Lion's Gate Crystal Grid Portal Activation




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