Lemuria, Quartz Crystal Healing Tools & The New Earth

Lemuria, Quartz Crystal Healing Tools & The New Earth



 Lemuria, Quartz Crystal Healing Tools & The New Earth


Many Lemurians are reincarnating now to assist the Earth in this major shift in the Ascension process. Uniting in Spirit together to create a New Earth, new Lemurian, Ascension timeline. The Lemurians and Galactic Star Beings have left us crystals encoded with information for us to access now and assist us in healing and ascending.


In Ancient Lemuria, humans lived a multidimensional reality. While on Earth in 3D, they could go in and out of their physical bodies. They were Etheric light bodies, and very aware of oneness and connection to all, compared to now we are living in separation. They were connected telepathically and emotionally and their awareness existed only in the moment, in the Now. They did not experience linear time the way we do now. They had no thoughts of past or future. They lived stress free and all of their physical needs were met, They did not require food, water, and had no physical impairments, aches, pains or physical discomforts at all. They had no material attachments. No wants, no desires, no longings.

The Lemurians were highly enlightened humans, composed of etheric matter, crystalline light and love energy. Their realities were dream-like and they were peaceful creators through their emotions, thoughts and visions. They worked closely and in harmony with Elementals, Angels, Dolphins, Whales, Spiders, Nature Spirits, Devas, Faeries, and other mystical beings.

During Lemurian civilization on Earth, humans remembered and were aware of all energy around them. They felt energy and could direct it, harness it, to heal and communicate and interact emotionally with other conscious beings from any distance - time or space - no limitations remember.

At this time of higher vibrational existence, all humans worked in harmony for the highest good of all. They felt the connection between All, and felt unconditional love for all beings, animals, plants, The Earth, The Stars, Moon, planets, cosmos—All.

We are awakening, remembering our enlightened past in Lemuria and we are experiencing the feelings of pure euphoric bliss and Divine Oneness as our Lemurian light bodies are activated. As a collective we are witnessing our Divine connection - in synchronicities, and signs from the Universe. Some of us are visiting Lemuria and other galactic Star Systems in our dreams and remembering our Starseed Origins.


My Dream

"I had a beautiful dream and channel come through last night, (March 2nd, 2020). I was in Lemuria but it was the future…the Earth and collective ascended to 5d and Lemuria, or what felt like Lemuria, was back and thriving. People were having a hard time adjusting because everyone still remembered how it used to be. We were now crystalline light bodies. We did not need food or water. Money no longer existed so people didn’t know what to do with their time…we all had everything we needed and were in a new state of pure love and bliss.

I was helping people adjust by guiding and advising them on how to find their mission/purpose. How they will use their unique gifts to serve the new Earth consciousness, now that they did not have to “work” to “make a living”.  Our “job” was now to focus within, focus on our becoming, becoming the highest version of ourselves and further expanding our consciousness, healing ourselves along the way."


Lemurian sun rays


A New Earth

Blissful New Earth, like a new Lemuria, an Utopia.

Where we are going there are no time restrictions, no stress, no sense of urgency, always in a  state of perfection, inner state of acceptance and Oneness with each moment, in the Now. no restrictions, limitations. Pure freedom and peace.

We are entering a new paradigm, a major shift is taking place and we are meant to be here now to assist in this consciousness shift to a New Earth. A new way of being. Love. No Fear.

We are adopting a new economic financial system, a complete restructure. An equal re-disbursement of resources to all, globally. No more money system. Multiple new systems will manifest as we transition to a no money system.

People won’t know what to do with themselves. More and more will be seeking spiritual answers, and go within in search of a higher purpose.

Healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Spiritual Leaders are being called to assist in the mass awakening and shifting to a New Earth.

We are the Rainbow Warriors.


Lemuria and Elemental Beings

The Dolphins are Lemurian elemental beings who share with us now Light Codes and messages of joy from Lemuria and other Star Systems, Sirius.

There is still dormant DNA inside you that will become activated as you integrate with your crystalline light body through the Ascension process. You are becoming the highest version of yourself that you are meant to be and integrating the timeline you wish to be on.

Working with crystals, wearing them, having them in your space, helps to integrate the downloads from activating your DNA and light body connecting with higher frequency light through your work with the crystals.

Hold this resonance with the highest version of yourself and hold the vision of the timeline you wish to experience and create a new world of joy, harmony and unconditional love, on a New Earth. With Gratitude.

Our internal limits are infinite.

Starbrary etched Quartz crystal in the woods moss photo


Lemurian beings originated from Star Being races and remained in communication with them during their time on Earth in Lemuria. The Lemurians received Light Codes of knowledge from other Star Systems and communicated via Light Language, received and transmitted telepathically through the Heart, as well as through Quartz crystals. They received directions for how to use their telepathic, intuitive and emotional powers with Earth energy, nature, plants, minerals, crystals as tools for healing. These Light Codes were recorded and stored within Quartz crystals for the Lemurians to pass on this knowledge to us, to future generations on Earth. These Crystals are the Lemurians, Elestial, Etched, Starbrary, and other names given to Quartz crystals that contain codes of Light Language passed on from Lemuria, Atlantis and other galactic beings. These crystals are tools for healing, storing information/data/maps/glyphs/codes, like a light computer.

Lemurian, Starbrary, Elestial, etched, key and other types of Quartz crystals activate the Ka, Light Body within each of us. Unlocking the gateway to remembering and awakening to your true self and true purpose.

You are drawn to these crystals now for a reason. You are remembering your ancient origins and mission here to assist in the Ascension of the Earth.

Lemurians and Star Beings programmed key spiritual knowledge, healing and light codes within these crystals for us to discover now and use as tools for accessing higher consciousness. To assist us in learning-relearning to live as we once did - as multidimensional etheric telepathic crystalline light bodies in harmony and peace and on a healthy abundant vital Earth. Delighting in the magic of nature and energy, swimming and singing with the Dolphins, flying with the birds and butterflies, dreaming in the trees, flying over mountain tops, entering dimensional portals to other realms…a New Earth paradise.

These crystals call to you if they have knowledge stored within them meant for you at this time. Keys to wisdom for you to unlock through working with the crystals in meditation and energy work.

We are remembering that we have incarnated here on Earth at this time for a higher purpose, a mission, to assist in healing the collective and planetary healing in order to ascend to a higher density. By healing ourselves we are healing our past, our family, our ancestors.

If you focus on self-healing and spreading and sharing love, light and kindness, and you are doing your work. All other aspects of your mission and purpose will be revealed to you when you are ready and needed.


High Vibration Quartz Crystal Tools:



  • High vibration Quartz crystals
  • Exhibit horizontal step-ladder lines on the sides of the crystal
  • These lines represent records of information encoded in the Quartz from ancient Lemuria
  • Cleansing and clearing negative energy and thought patterns
  • Drawing in divine healing light from the universe
  • Accessing ancient knowledge
  • Spiritual Tool for Self-Healing & Empowerment
  • Healing and Understanding One’s Past
  • Focuses ones intention and brings clarity to inner visions
  • Awakening and accessing higher consciousness



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  • Quartz crystals can store energy and information
  • Starbrary Quartz crystals are identified by markings, etchings, and symbols naturally occurring on the faces of Quartz crystals
  • Many Quartz crystals (and other types of minerals) exhibit etchings and markings, they are not uncommon, though some markings are exceptionally unique
  • They appear as geometric shapes, linear patterns, flowing lines, jagged etchings, triangles, circles, dots and lines, glyphs, doorways, portals, keys and all other etchings on the surfaces of these natural Quartz crystals
  • Starbrary Quartz crystals are essentially galactic libraries
  • The Crystal markings are encoded with records of information from other star systems
  • The appearance of these markings are all cosmic programs of detailed information about the Earth’s ascension, natural healing techniques, psychic & telepathic abilities, and how to raise our vibration to assist in the ascension from 3D to 5D
  • If you are called to a Starbrary Quartz crystal it has come to you for a reason and likely has information about your cosmic origins and your mission here on Earth in this timeline.
  • You can unlock this information through meditation, holding the crystal, gazing and tracing the markings with your fingers, and eyes, and working with the crystal to open the Third Eye and higher Chakras, opening channels to higher consciousness


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  • Other names include, Crocodile/Alligator Quartz, Jacare Quartz, Fenster, Skeletal Quartz
  • Identified by natural terminations covering the body and faces of an etched/layered crystal
  • Powerful healers, detoxifiers, and activators
  • Assists in overcoming emotional burdens, and releasing toxic negative entities, beliefs, habits and thoughts
  • Activates higher consciousness and self-actualization and aligning with spirit realms, integrating cosmic knowledge
  • Elestial etchings are stored light codes, cosmic light language and information from higher dimensions
  • Access past lives, and ancestral lines, ancient origins, and cosmic connections, helping to understand your spiritual path and purpose
  • Unlock and access the information stored within the etchings and terminations and download this information into consciousness, receiving cosmic spiritual upgrades as the information raises your vibration and activates your highest self
  • The Elestial cathedrals are shrunken models of crystalline cities, transport vehicles and complex networks of consciousness through dimensions- multidimensional knowledge from the vast void of creation responsible for Earth and all that is
  • These crystals are tools for remembering and awakening to our mission to further advance the human consciousness and raise our vibrational frequency as a planet
  • Starseeds and Lightworkers are drawn to Elestial crystals to help them remember their mission here on Earth in this timeline
  • Elestial cathedrals are pillars of knowledge in the forms of light stacked on top of each other, essentially an accumulation of timelines, of dimensional consciousness stored within the Elestial crystal’s cascading terminations
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  • Etchings are found on minerals other than Quartz, some Beryl crystals exhibit exceptional detailed etchings. Etched Quartz are not uncommon
  • The etchings are symbols naturally formed on the surfaces of crystals
  • Codes of ancient knowledge used in ancient healing temples
  • Facilitates contact and download of information from ancient civilizations.
  • The etchings and symbols bring forth relevant information to the individual at the moment of translation
  • The individual working with the crystal will access the appropriate information for them at the time allowing them to access healing methodologies from the past that are within one’s skills and understanding
  • Useful as a personal meditation crystal for accessing guided messages from higher consciousness
  • Enhances clairsentience (clear seeing), providing the crystal light worker with a sense of knowing and clarity that one did not have prior to working with the etched Quartz
  • If you are drawn to an etched Quartz crystal you are in harmonic resonance with the crystal and no doubt it has messages for you, as the universe has brought it into your experience for your personal development and ascension
  • Etched Quartz crystals will provide the guidance needed for you on your spiritual journey fulfilling your highest purpose
  • These etchings are essentially maps, blueprints, glyphs, symbols, light language, DNA geometric codes of sacred creation, specific messages, manuals, directions presenting on the crystal surfaces like circuit boards of data
  • Etchings and glyphs can also be light codes, tones, sound frequencies



  • Identified by an all natural tapered crystal wand, raw unpolished with termination
  • Ultimate crystal healing tool
  • Personal tool for healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds and all spiritual and energy workers/seekers
  • Naturally formed Laser Wand Quartz crystals were strategically (intentionally) placed in the Earth by other planetary beings created by thought projection to help and expand Earth consciousness and provide the knowledge of self healing abilities
  • Laser wand, naturally tapered Quartz crystals were used as healing tools in ancient civilization that were more spiritually advanced, and vibrated at a higher frequency, existing somewhere between 3d and 5d
  • Ancient civilizations used Quartz crystals as a bridge between dimensions and tools for storing information, communicating telepathically with others, other dimensional and planetary beings as well as the Earth and planetary bodies themselves
  • Holding a laser Quartz crystal, light energy surrounds oneself, providing a protective shield
  • Etchings and markings on the laser Quartz crystals indicate records from use as tools in ancient healing temples
  • The energy of the laser is powerfully focused through the tapered termination - use this to direct the light energy to clear areas of negativity
  • Direct the light energy through the crystal laser wand like a light beam of healing energy directed at blockages in one’s aura, stagnant Chakras, and to send energy to areas of the body to clear physical ailments
  • The light beams emitted form the laser Quartz crystal can be used for psychic surgery, removing attachments, habits, addictions, negative patterns and thoughts, debilitating and limiting beliefs
  • The person must be willing to release - any resistance will block the lasers effectiveness and bounce the light energy back through the laser to source


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  • Found in Quartz, Ruby crystals, and other minerals
  • Identified by a upward facing natural triangle shape on the face of the crystal
  • Can exhibit many raised triangles, or just one
  • Ancient wisdom has been programmed and stored within the crystalline form




  • Identified by a natural indented upside down triangle shape formed in one of the faces of the termination
  • Trigonic Record Keepers are rare formations which contain powerful energy and messages for those open to its vibration, acting as a bridge between the physical and etheric realms
  • Trigonic Record Keepers tune into the frequency of the realms beyond the 3D physical time/space reality, assisting one's transition to exploring other worlds.
  • Meditating with a Trigonic crystal can assist in astral travel, shamanic journeying, remote viewing and travelling to other dimensional realms
  • Trigonic Record Keepers provide access to ancient knowledge and healing wisdom from our ancestors
  • The perfect crystal ally to provide protection and guidance for those sensitive souls who wish to explore higher consciousness beyond the 3D physical realm



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