How To Create & Use A Crystal Grid

How To Create & Use A Crystal Grid


Crystals are three dimensional representations of multi-dimensional sacred geometric forms.


Sacred Geometry is a universal, galactic language. The ingredients to all matter of existence.


Crystal Grids are intentional energy tools that incorporate crystal energy and sacred geometry.


Crystal Grids are crystals arranged in a geometric shape, pattern or design programmed with an intention.


Creating crystal energy grids is a powerful way to work with crystal energy and your intention, to access and explore higher consciousness, receive guidance, align with your highest purpose, increase manifestation, spiritual growth and self-healing.


Crystal Energy Grids can also be created as Portals, Inter-dimensional Bridges and Cosmic Gateways. High vibrational symbols for accessing and communicating with higher consciousness, galactic star systems and the astral realm. Aiding and enhancing astral travel, channeling and enhancing psychic abilities.


Creating a crystal energy grid formation can enhance your meditation and help you reach higher states of consciousness to access and communicate with spirit guides and higher dimensional realms.


Creating A Crystal Grid

A basic starting crystal grid can be made with one crystal in the centre and one crystal in each of the four directions around the centre piece.


Quartz Crystal Grid 
Quartz Crystal Grid


Next level crystal grid you can represent the 7 directions: North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Within.

Quartz Crystal Grid II


Quartz Crystal Grid II


From these basic formations, you can add and expand to create infinite varieties of patterns and formations.

You can incorporate other sacred objects and spiritual tools into your grid such as plants, flowers, dried herbs, feathers, beads, jewelry, photographs, keepsakes, tickets, coins, etc.


Creating & Activating A Crystal Grid:


Arrange the crystal grid in a sacred space where you can meditate, set your intentions, and ask for guidance.


Begin by setting your intention. Why are you making this grid? Create a clear, focused intention and write it down.


Choose the base for your grid or area where you will create the grid. You may want to choose a sacred geometric shape, pattern or design for your grid at this point, or you can allow the pattern to develop as you lay out the crystals.


Sometimes the idea or vision for a grid comes to me as a symbol or pattern that I design first and then begin to create the crystal grid lay out in that pattern.


Sometimes I begin with a centre crystal or a crystal energy combination I am drawn to, and then the pattern comes into being as I lay out the stones, not knowing what it will look like until I feel it is complete. Be open to the process. The process of laying out the crystals in the grid pattern activates the grid.


Gather your crystals, stones and other sacred objects to incorporate in the grid.


Lay them out in the pattern you desire, while holding your intention.


Once you feel the grid is complete, seal it with your intention and affirmation. The Crystal grid is now dedicated and activated and will hold its programmed intention until you clear it or dismantle the grid.


You can sit with the grid in meditation whenever you feel called to.


Working with crystals is an intuitive practice. The process of creating the grids helps to learn the energy of the crystals, and develop a heightened ability to sense the different energies of the stones.


There are no right or wrong ways to create your grid.


It is an art that develops with practice, intention and dedication. An act of self-care and self-love, to go within and connect. Your spiritual practice is personal and unique to you, and so your crystal energy grid shall be as well. Allow yourself to go with the flow and be intuitively guided. Listen to the crystals and they will show you what you need to know.


Crystal Gridding a Space/Room or in Nature


This type of crystal gridding is often done for protection, to create a protective energy shield around a space. Crystal gridding the perimeter can help to maintain the positive energy of the space and preventing external, unwanted energies from penetrating the energetic shield created by the crystal grid formation. This crystal grid can be temporary or remain in the space for however long you like and involves placing crystals in the corners and around the perimeter of a room or entire building. Some people create crystal grids in the foundation if they are building a brand new home or dwelling. You can do this around your home or office, in your yard/garden, or anywhere you feel called to.


Crystal gridding can also be done by burying crystals in the ground at various points along the perimeter of the area. Temporary (or permanent) larger scale crystal grids can be created outdoors, on a beach, in a park, a field, garden, forest etc and activated with the intention to hold the energy of the grid even when the crystals are taken away.


Crystal Grid in Forest



A crystal grid is best created intuitively with the crystals you are drawn to at the time.


The process and art of laying out the crystals in the grid formation is in itself activating and raises your vibration in resonance with the crystals and your higher self.


Laying out a crystal grid formation and anytime you work with it/meditate with it you are establishing resonance and raising your vibration.


Working with crystals is a practice in trust, trusting your inner guidance system, your intuition. There is no “correct” or “wrong” way to create a crystal grid. Trust your intuition to guide you through the process and be open to the natural flow.

Crystal Blessings,



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