Himalayan Quartz ~ Sacred Messages For The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 26th 2021

Himalayan Quartz ~ Sacred Messages For The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 26th 2021


On May 26th, 2021 there is a total Lunar Eclipse. This is a powerful time of expansion and alignment with natural forces heightened increasing our awareness of nature's power and feeling it surge through our bodies with intensity like high tide and stormy seas. 

Initiating the opening of gateways to inner portals to discovering our true highest self. The crystal mountains appear before us like rainbow mirrors as we are awakening through facing our shadows. 

The cosmic lines of communication are open. This heightened time of powerful Lunar energy opens channels to the higher dimensional realms, and to our galactic families. If you resonate as a Starseed, this is a time to call home! 

The energy of this Lunar Eclipse is already upon us and will last for about 9-11 days, though we can all feel and experience it differently. 

We have an opportunity to harness this powerful energy to transmute and raise our vibrational frequency. Transmutation is a process of clearing and releasing negativity and anything no longer serving growth back to the Earth. This purging is a necessary aspect of shadow-work, and in order to raise our vibration we have to release the thought forms, beliefs, attachments and patterns that established the lower vibration which we are healing to ascend from. 


Himalayan Quartz Crystal with Chlorite 


Himalayan Quartz crystals are tools for thought purification and supporting our growth and spiritual journey. These crystals resonate with the sacred purifying energy of the Himalayas. 

In meditating with Himalayan Quartz crystals I was shown a journey… 

We are remembering the sacred breath of life as we embark on the inner journey to embody our highest illumination. 

On this journey we first face the great shadow of the mountain (the self) and we begin to climb in the shadows with trust in the light.


Himalayan Clear Quartz Crystal with Chlorite


Climbing the Mountain
Navigating the vast peaks and valleys of our inner landscapes - exploration of consciousness. Discovering our true self.
The further we climb, the thinner the air, and contaminating thoughts and debris are flushed from our minds. Our egos become silent observers. Our minds begin to clear as we raise our vibrational frequency to resonate with the Quartz crystal and the sacred Himalayas.
Himalayan Quartz crystals offer a sacred cleansing energy and are tools for “Purification of Thought”.
Overcoming obstacles and self-imposed limitations. Transmuting fear-based self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.


Himalayan Quartz and Chlorite Crystal



Summiting the Mountain

Self- revelation. You are the portal. I am the portal.

Expansion of mind, activating the light body, feeling sense of relief from density. remembering our connection, cutting through illusions of separateness.

Attaining wisdom. Clarity. Purity. Emptying the mind to exist purely in our being-ness, the present.

Experiencing Oneness.


Himalayan Quartz Crystal


One way to work with the Lunar Eclipse energy is through visualization and meditation with a Quartz crystal, any crystal/stone you feel drawn to in the moment, or without a crystal works too!
Visualize your climb to the top of the mountain and in your mind’s eye go through all of the challenges of the climb. As you climb, release any thoughts, anything heavy, weighing you down or clouding your vision. Release it all, as you climb higher and higher let all the weight of your burdens and worries, disappointments and expectations, fall off your back. Feel your body becoming lighter and lighter and your surroundings brighter and brighter as you ascend.
When you reach the summit, rejoice in your accomplishment. Take a look around. Scan your body and check in with how you are feeling. Note any shifts or changes in perspective.
Messages and revelations may come in an immediate wave or in subtle drips and drops over the ext few days. Pay attention to your surroundings and the effect you allow your environment to have on your state of being.
Another thought purification exercise is reprogramming our interpretations of our experiences through our memories.
Conjure a memory that creates a strong emotional reaction. Examine the memory from an objective, intellectual, detached viewpoint. It can help to visualize yourself at the top of the mountain looking down and viewing the memory in the valley far below. Bird’s eye view.
Higher perspective. After inspecting the memory, re-file it away with the new program.
After some time, a day or two or more, attempt the exercise again and see if their is a change in emotional reaction when you elicit the same memory from before. The exercise may need to be repeated to fully reprogram and clear the undesirable emotional reaction.
And now a new journey begins.
May we all feel supported and blessed on our journey. Illuminated by the Moon, the Sun, the Stars and the eternal golden light within.

With Love & Gratitude,


Himalayan Clear Quartz Crystal



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