From The Ethers - Crystals, Elementals & Nature Spirits

From The Ethers - Crystals, Elementals & Nature Spirits


Crystals and Nature Spirits - Reconnecting with the Devas and Elementals


We are currently experiencing a major shift in consciousness and with it a mass awakening, remembering and cleansing is taking place.  To collectively ascend, major changes in how we live and interact with each other and our surroundings need to be made. These are challenging, uncertain times. Ascending to the new paradigm requires a letting go and a faithful trusting to open and receive the shifts. There will be devastating events that act as catalysts to make way for the changes that must be adopted on a mass, global scale.


Over the past years, many of us, and likely all of you reading this, have begun the ascension process, awakening to oneness of all that is and remembering your ancient origins from a time before separation.

This has all been in preparation for theses current times of a global pandemic. You are healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, here on a mission, a higher purpose, to assist in the ascension of the collective Earth.

In your preparation you may have experienced “Dark Night of the Soul”, depression, and ending of relationships, jobs, a healing crisis, great loss, pain and struggle. Know that this is part of your journey, of your purpose. These struggles and hardships have been your greatest teachers, and have become your super powers - in healing yourself you are able to help heal others, and be of service to the highest good of all.


In your awakening journey you may have felt a strong call to be in nature, to have natural elements around you, and seek nature wherever, whenever possible. This is all a part of our remembering and our healing and the healing and renewal of the Earth. By connecting with nature we can reestablish our harmonious synergy with the Devic Realms and begin to relearn and share the healing wisdom of plants and minerals and how to harness the powers of the elements.

Crystals are powerful tools with an innate connection with the Devas and nature spirits. We can work with crystals to tune into messages from the ethers and elementals.

From the Ethers…


Ethers - The Etheric Realm

✧ Connects our physical body to higher realms of spiritual existence


Devic Realm

✧ Where Devas, non-physical beings live

✧ Parallel to our 3d physical Earthly realm



✧ Non-physical nature spirits composed of etheric matter

✧ Carry wisdom of nature, plant, mineral healing

✧ Architects and caretakers of our natural world



✧ Control and harness the elemental forces

✧ Help to sustain our natural world


Types of Elementals:

Salamander - Fire

Gnome - Earth

Undine - Water

Sylph - Air



There was a time in our ancient past, before the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, when we worked closely and in harmony with the Elementals. We were once multidimensional etheric light beings, before separation occurred.

This was a time when the Earth was a thriving, bountiful, peaceful, healing Utopia.

When Lemuria sunk and Atlantis fell, we adopted a separate reality, abandoning our multidimensional awareness and forgetting about the Etheric realm, Devas and Elementals and our co-creation with the nature spirits. This created a disconnect from the healing powers of nature, and initiated a slow descent into polluting, damaging, exploiting the Earth.

With the major shifts taking place and beginning of a new cycle, a new paradigm, we are beginning to awaken and remember our connection to nature, the Ethers. We are remembering we are all One and remembering what it was like to live in this knowing.

Many of us are connecting with the Elementals and receiving guidance on how to help heal ourselves, each other and assist in planetary healing.



Crystals are a bridge between realms, and can help us reconnect with beings from the Ethers.


Crystals help us communicate with herbs, plants, flowers, & minerals to receive information on how to heal with nature. We are all seeking balance, well-being, homeostasis, as individuals, as a collective and the planet.


We are learning to recognize the work of the Devas, and the magical signs they leave for us.


The Devas and Elemental beings are highly attuned to all Earthly matter. They work closely with the healing energies of plants and minerals.

We can use plants, flowers, herbs and crystals to tune into the energy of the Devas and their wisdom.

As we begin to awaken to a new way of being, in harmony with the Earth, we will awaken our ability to connect and communicate with the Devas and nature spirits. We will relearn from them the healing wisdom of plants and minerals of the Earth.

We will ascend through healing ourselves and the Earth in remembering our connection to all One. We are no longer separate from Earth and each other.

We honour Earth in reverence of its natural beauty and innate wisdom in the highest good for All, supporting all life.


The mineral and gem kingdom are essential to all life. Minerals provide all nutrients to sustain life. Nothing can survive without minerals.

Crystals are the most stable form of minerals represented in sacred geometric patterns and forms.

Crystals and gemstones are deeply connected with the Devas, and were used as healing technological tools by Lemurians, Atlanteans and other Star Systems. Wisdom within the crystals has passed through galactic star systems and higher dimensional realms. The wisdom records are light codes and light language stored within the crystalline forms.



Crystals That Connect with Nature Spirits:


✧ Epidote & Epidote with Quartz


  Chlorite Phantom Quartz


  Forest Crystals - Actinolite Phantom Quartz from BC, Canada








✧ Merlinite


✧ Moss Agate


✧ Dendritic Agate


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Suggestions for Working with Crystals and Elementals


✧ Wear or carry these crystals with you to stay grounded and connected to the magical elemental realm and aware of synchronicities and signs from spirit guides and nature spirits.


✧ Place these crystals in your home or work space, on your porch, balcony, windowsill to bring some nature inside, to help you stay grounded and connected.


✧ Crystals and other sacred natural objects (feathers, bones, stones, moss, sticks, flowers, shells, pinecones, herbs, ) can be gathered and arranged together in a sacred grid or altar arrangement to honour the Devas and Elementals and call them in. welcoming their wisdom and guidance.


✧ Meditate with your crystal arrangements or grids or with a single crystal, with the intention to connect with the Devic realm. You can ask questions or ask for your nature spirit guides to communicate with you. Be patient and open to receiving, without expectation, as the messages may come in unexpected ways and at unexpected times!


✧ Place crystals in your garden and with your plants to enhance their growth and vitality.


As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet.


Unity, Harmony & Love is the only way forward.


Crystal Blessings,



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