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Crossing The Bridge

Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse April 19/20th ~ Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 5th, 2023.

Alchemy & Transmutation

Ending Karmic ties


Andromeda 12th Dimensional Gateway, The Crystalline Grid Portals, Crossing The Bridge

The following are all channeled messages that came through during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse April 19/20 2023. I experienced a 12d awakening through discovering a gateway portal to Andromeda. The messages have been flowing in ever since and I am still integrating, processing and downloading them every day, while lucid dreaming and astral travelling at night.



You’ve closed one door but have yet to cross the threshold and enter the new one. A cycle has ended, and the next cycle is yet to begin and you find yourself in the liminal time and space in between.

The space between.

About to enter a new cycle of creation, the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th the portal is open and you are ready to cross the threshold.


The Solar Eclipse on April 19/20th activated us (if you’re reading this), raising consciousness to a higher path accessing higher dimensional realms. I experienced a 12th dimensional upgrade and activation. How we each experience the activations and shifts in energy are unique to our own individual journeys and perceptions. Additionally, this activation can be processed and experienced in waves and over time - non-linearly and not limited to the 2023 April-May Eclipse season. You may experience a period of transition or stillness for days weeks or months before the new path becomes clear and launching into a new cycle. Consider this transmission timeless as it will resonate with you - is for you - at the time of your discovering.


The Andromedan beings want us to know that through this activation gateway, clarity is granted and the door to the new cycle is illuminated, guiding to the highest path forward on your spiritual journey. On the other side of the abyss, the bridge, this ‘space in between’ is a powerful higher state of consciousness, creation and spiritual manifestation coming into form.


Journey through the Eclipse portal, spin the wheel.

The Solar Eclipse and New Moon activation exposed core wounds, catalyzing karmic endings and releasing pain stored in the body. Awakening latent gifts and inner knowledge. You may find yourself at a crossroads. Closing a cycle and we are now in potent energy of the space between the old and the new.

Earthseed, your earth body merges with holographic crystalline light body. Grounding to the Earth, anchoring in the elements of creation in the Earth’s crystalline grid. In this liminal space and time before we enter the new cycle and begin a whole chapter, we are crossing the bridge, and this threshold can induce ascension symptoms and discomfort, “growing pains” and a feeling of being frozen in time.

Confusion, fogginess, uncertainty, muscle aches, soreness, water retention, throat chakra blockages, tension headaches.

Embrace activities, practices, habits and thoughts that evoke inner peace and calm. *see recommendations at the end of this article

Light codes and channelings come through your abilities to read frequencies - trust and allow, opening and making space for the messages to reveal themselves bringing new visions and greater clarity.

Your past lifetimes in Lemuria and Atlantis are keys to your mission and highest purpose.  As an Atlantean builder, you create structures to then break them down and rebuild them back up. This is the cycle you ride. Creating, destruction.Transmuting and grounding light to Earth.

Breaking down of worlds, space time, breaking through. Fractalizing ripples of multidimensional reality.

Breaking down into black, void, empty, abyss, nothing

Breaking through into pure, clear, light, love, everything.


On April 20th, while in meditation I received a download, and subsequent awakening from the 12th dimensional realm and was taken to a planet in the Andromedan galaxy. Was it a journey or was it a vision I was shown, or was I remembering. Or a future memory.

Here is a description of what I saw:

This planet is mostly ‘water’, [looks like water, but is of a different chemical composition than Earth’s water]. The bodies of ‘water’ are broken up and connected by ‘rivers’ of ‘land’ snaking through the vast seas. The snaking slivers of land are crystalline, some look like veins of Quartz crystal, others appear metallic. The minerals on this planet are more advanced than the 3d Earth minerals we are familiar with. These minerals are used in advanced tech in the higher dimensional realms. They showed me how they use some of their precious metals for invisibility cloaking hyper light ship vessels. 12d shield diamond ships.

The ‘shorelines’, where the ‘water’ meets the crystalline land are opalescent with dancing fires of rainbow light, refracting in all directions. Everything is fractalizing, spinning, moving in complex geometric signatures, even in the air, …like complex mathematical equations on a quantum level, witnessing in real space time the creation and destruction of the planet. Growing, while expanding and contracting. All happening simultaneously while the planet beats like a heart and breathes, inhaling and exhaling in perfect vibrational harmony and unison, like one massive entity.

This awakening and 12d activation unlocked new codes. Retrocausality potential to affect your past through creating your future. A key to the Chariot to take us across the bridge. On aboard the Multidimensional vessel heading towards the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, through the gateway, opening the door to a new cycle. Or jumping to a new timeline.

Number sequences ~ a potential doorway ~ an opening to parallel timeline - the place to jump in…pay attention to repeating numbers and patterns. Our guides also come through to us in number patterns, synchronicities, animals etc - they find ways to make us take notice, to become aware of them working for us in the ethers.

The simplest way to describe what I was shown is of the 12d portal appearing as a cross or X, where paths converge, the vertices. They showed me a 12 dimensional infinity loop and in the centre of the loop, the crossing point, is a wormhole, that teleports to any-time any-place all-time all-place..

12d energetic portals ~ access points in the Earth’s grids. Lines of unseen frequencies, bridging vast networks of information, energy harnessed and anchored in the grid points - vertices. Forming an energy vortex, like a tunnel, at intersecting points, all connecting to the 12th dimension. These vortexes are portals for higher dimensional beings and entities to travel and transmit/receive communications - energy frequencies, to/from Earth.

All of the grids are connected holographically in the 12d infinity loop. The X, cross, intersection, where multiple time sequences intersect, sparking consciousness of a timeline that “is” exists in all dimensions. This occurs infinitely. This is not linear, not happening linearly. The 12d grid contains All, all galaxies all of the Universe all that we know of existence. The 12d gate holds codes of consciousness.

Lightworkers and Starseeds are here to assist in Anchoring the 12d gates in Earth’s crystalline grids. There is a 12d diamond shield I have been shown, it is like a constellation of points that form sacred geometry using the Earth’s crystalline grid formation and is highly activated during this Eclipse season approx April 15-May10. But anyone can experience and access this at any time (any-time, all-time) ∞


Along with ascension symptoms I mentioned earlier, we are also experiencing energetic storms, solar flares and intense transits of energy throughout Eclipse season and the effects leave residual energies felt before and after.

The bridge, the liminal space, the space between. The transition period when one cycle has ended and another is just about to begin…can also be seen as pathways of consciousness, unlocking higher states of consciousness, unlocking codes to sacred knowledge, on the ascension journey. Hold firm during this time of transformation. Suspend doubts, surrender in trust, and the clarity you need will come.

The space between, crossing the abyss.

The bridge to the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

You are devoted, committed to your journey, you have always had an inner knowing that you are here on a mission, for a specific purpose. Your highest self within knows what it is you are here to do. With courage to face the unknown, you prepare for journeying through the gateway. Where the seeker discovers new realms, beyond present understanding of reality. Conquering fear and overcoming perceived limitations & beliefs, unmasking illusions, uncovering deceptions to reveal and know the unified truth.

The space between is a period for reflection, integrating and planning. Make space for new ideas and visions to come through. Embrace this time in between the old and the new, awaiting full clarity, revel in the pool of infinite possibilities with confidence in the positive paths opening up for you in the excitement of not fully knowing what is to come. The power is yours. The choice is yours. You choose which direction you will take. Wait for the new path to reveal itself in full clarity and reap the benefits of your patience. Accept the preparation work that is required of you.Trust you will receive crystal clear messages for your new path forward. The Universe and your guides are providing this ‘space in between’, because you deserve a break and a rest is necessary to allow the new codes to download. It’s like reformatting a computer and once complete your operating system is clear, fresh and upgraded to process more efficiently. Upgrading your intuition, raising your vibration and clearing any blockages. In between cycles- resting, waiting. Being guided toward next goal/mission in your soul contract. Old structures are breaking down and new ones are being built and this is a process that can happen in waves.


Recommendations for Easing Ascension Symptoms During Eclipse Season:

  • Sleep, salt baths, walks in nature
  • Journaling
  • Grounding & Cleansing


Crystals Instruments & Tools to Work With During Eclipse Season:

*Any type of Quartz particularly Bridge crystals, Key crystals and Quartz with Timelink / Portal or Window in the termination.


Bridge Crystals

Bridge crystals are identified by a natural crystal with a smaller crystal that penetrates the larger crystals, is located partially in and partially out the larger host crystal. These Quartz crystals are potent tools for those seekers who are ready to utilize these powerful crystalline natural Earth instruments. Those who have used these crystals in past Atlantean timelines, will recognize them and experience a sense familiarity, even deja vu, and be naturally drawn to these crystals. Bridge crystals are tools for guiding us across the threshold, accessing gateways, portals to higher realms, dimensions and timelines. Bridge between inner outer worlds. Entering a new cycle.


Key Crystals

Key crystals are identified by the shape/indentation in the crystal, left from a previous crystal. The key is often in the shape of a hexagon or triangle. This is a key to secret knowledge, knowledge beyond what is stored within the physical crystal, it is a key to open and retrieve ancient sacred knowledge from the time and location in the Earth where the crystal was formed, including cosmic influences and connections to cosmic consciousness. The key is a bridge to higher knowledge, ancient wisdom of the Earth connected to cosmic consciousness and universal oneness. You can activate or unlock the key by pressing your finger pad, or thumb-pad into the key to initiate the downloading of information meant for you at this time.

This process is subtle and energetic and is not necessarily felt immediately but will become known to you from within the deepest part of yourself, as truth, once it is integrated and you are ready to receive and utilize the information for highest good.


Bridge crystals and key crystals provide a connection to a group of crystals, connecting with energies not just of the individual crystal but of the location where it grew as well as connecting to the Earth’s crystalline grid.


Portal / Timelink Quartz Crystals

Portal / Timelink Quartz crystal to the Past is identified by a diagonal parallelogram in the crystal termination that is slanting to the left. The Past Timelink activates a portal to other dimensional realms, inner exploration, higher consciousness and connecting with cosmic consciousness. Initiating transformation, integrating past lessons, shift in energy, healing and letting go of past timelines, cycles and karmic ties.

A Portal Timelink Quartz crystal to the Future is identified by a diagonal parallelogram slanting to the right. The Future Timelink activates a portal to future dimensional realms of existence, exploring potential pathways, receiving visions, gateway to highest purpose, illuminating the way for you to fulfill your mission and a clear path in starting a new cycle.


Window Quartz

Window Quartz is identified by a perfect diamond shape between two faces of the Quartz crystal termination. A Quartz crystal with a Window is a crystal for personal use, and the window acts as a mirror to look within oneself and see oneself clearly from a higher perspective. Window Quartz crystals are beneficial for seeing personal situations in one’s life from a higher perspective to gain clarity and insight. As a personal meditation crystal, hold and consult with the Window quartz. Ask clear and precise questions to receive clear answers, which may come in a variety of forms. The Window helps gain access to internal guidance from your higher self, free from external influences and ego desires. Gazing into the window can illuminate your true path or aspects relating to your highest path, and help you make decisions moving forward or embarking on a new endeavour.

Working with this crystal, and looking within and gaining the clarity on your true self, helps to stop looking outside oneself or comparing to others.

This crystal shows you a clear reflection of your true self, and spotlights the illusions and negative patterns in your life for you to address them - initiating change, transformation, and shift in energy. This can be the preparation necessary for activating a timeline shift, operating system upgrade and entering a new cycle.

The four sided diamond symbolizes the balance of the elements, direction, physical and spiritual realms.

Working with the Window Quartz crystal promotes balance, engagement and connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

This balance and self-reflection strengthens the connection between intuition and intellect, grounding intuitive inner wisdom into one’s daily conscious awareness.


Other Crystal and Gemstone Recommendations:

Clear Quartz ~ clarity, cleansing energy, activating higher consciousness, energy work

Lemurian Quartz ~ meditation, receiving messages

Smoky Quartz ~ grounding, transmuting, protection

Danburite ~ dream activation, receiving messages in dream state, astral travel

Phenakite ~ Third Eye opening, activation, awakening, inner vision, psychic abilities

Blue Kyanite ~ meditation, gridding, intuition, cosmic communication with guides, with higher self, communication in dreams

Scolecite ~ inner peace, intuition & psychic abilities

Stilbite ~ patience, stillness, opening to receive higher frequencies, intuitive clarification

~ And of course ANY crystal or stone you resonate with will benefit your journey, always choose the ones you feel intuitively drawn to


Once you have acquired your crystal tools, you can dedicate, cleanse and program them with your intention. In other words, they are tools that need to be wielded, utilized actively and with intent. They require your interaction through the vibration of your intent, attention, communication and resonance. Generate and maintain a vibrational frequency to resonate and match the high frequency of the crystal. Your highest intent is the activator, and is the only way in which the crystal tool can function and operate as programmed.


Read more about how to program your crystals and stones here



Have patience with yourself, you are working on balancing out, after releasing heavy Karma and facing a deep core wound. You are ending a Karmic cycle and completing a soul contract. Confusion will clear soon. With the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 5th, some of us may experience the final breakthrough in ending the old cycle we are moving out of, a Tower moment, requiring us to surrender in order to break through. Healing and releasing that old Karma and any beliefs tied to lack or unworthiness.


Your soul is getting ready for the next phase of your adventure!
Lemurian Quartz Crystal


Thank you for being here.
Crystal Blessings & Gratitude,

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