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Crystals For Ascension

Kelly Brown

Posted on December 31 2020

Crystals For Ascension

17 Crystals For Ascension + I Share What’s In My Personal Astral Toolbox


In this blog post I am sharing 17 high vibration mineral varieties that aid in our spiritual growth and Ascension. It was hard to narrow it down to just these seventeen, so I went with the crystals I gravitated towards working with the most throughout 2020.


These crystals help connect to higher consciousness, activate and receive downloads of information from higher dimensional realms and star systems. These crystals are libraries of codes containing ancient and galactic knowledge.


Ascension is the enlightenment process, as we individually and collectively, together with Gaia ascend the limits of third dimensional reality and reclaim our multidimensional selves, activating our crystalline light body and awakening to 5D consciousness. 5D is not a physical place in the way we perceive the physical from a 3D perspective. We cannot fully comprehend or explain 5D within the limits of our 3D senses. It is a higher dimensional consciousness to be experienced through reaching higher vibrational state.


Crystals are tools for interpreting and working with sacred geometry, symbology, sacred numbers, synchronicity, ancient sacred texts to expand knowledge to align with your purpose and galactic mission.


Crystal are tools for activating a higher state of consciousness, assisting in meditation, astral travel, channelling, and communicating with beings from higher dimensional realms.


Crystal | Keywords


Lemurian Quartz - Attunement, Remembering Lemuria & ancient Earth, downloading Light Codes and energetic upgrades


Elestial Quartz - Receiving downloads, energetic upgrades and frequency transmissions, structural realignment, interdimensional travel


Laser Quartz - Energy focus and direction


Etched/Starbrary Quartz - Light Codes, Libraries of Galactic Knowledge


Barite - Channelling, Interdimensional Travel, heightened senses, telepathy, thought transference


Blue Kyanite - 4D bridge to higher dimensional consciousness, opens access to Astral Realm


Cuprite - Alchemy, Void of Creation, Power Potential


Danburite - Dream Communication, Awakening


Heliodor - Illumination, Alignment with Purpose and Galactic Mission, Receiving Power from Source - Solar Charge


Herkimer Diamond - Expansion, Harnessing Light, Enhancing Dreams & Visions


Kunzite - Unconditional Love, Unity Consciousness


Libyan Desert Glass (Tektite) - Reading the Akashic Records, Ancient origins, connection to past lives and star beings


Meteorite - Remembering, homecoming, reuniting with cosmic family


Moldavite (Tektite) - Transformation, Initiation to higher knowledge


Petalite - Connecting with Spirit Realm, Healing Trauma


Phenakite - Higher Energetic Activation, Light Body & DNA activation


Scolecite - Protection from energetic entities


This list is to spark inspiration to further explore the crystals. 

Trust you inner navigational system to guide you, and you will be intuitively drawn to the crystal tools that are here now to assist in your Ascension and Spiritual Journey.


By establishing harmonic resonance, raising your vibrational frequency to match the higher frequencies of the crystal, activates the higher self and increases intuitive abilities. Work with these crystals for supporting the healing necessary for Ascension and helping to overcome Ascension symptoms.


Having a daily spiritual practice that includes crystal and mineral allies can help maintain resonance and a heightened state of being as you become your crystalline light body and cross the 4D bridge to 5D.


Ascension Crystal Energy Grid


What’s In My Astral Toolbox

Currently in my Astral Toolbox you will find Barite, Elestial Quartz, Cuprite, Kunzite, Laser Starbrary Quartz, Heliodor, Phenakite, Golden Healer Lemurian Transchanneller Dow Quartz and Blue Kyanite. 

As a crystal guardian, keeper of crystals, I am honoured to offer ethically sourced and intuitively curated high vibration crystals to aid in your journey.

With Love & Gratitude,



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