Crystals, Ascension and The Earth’s Crystalline Grid

Crystals, Ascension and The Earth’s Crystalline Grid



Crystals Are Tools for Connecting with The Earth’s Crystalline Grid

The Earth’s Crystalline Grid is a multidimensional grid of the ascended Earth, holding the template for a 5D New Earth.

It is an etheric network of facetted light, portals, vortexes and access points covering the entire Earth’s energetic field. The crystalline grid is a network much like the human nervous system, transmitting signals of light frequencies connecting all beings of Earth with multidimensional timelines of Earth’s creation, past, present and future. The crystalline grid is the higher dimensional geometric structure anchoring the 5D ascended New Earth consciousness. The crystalline grid connects all beings and our planet with cosmic forces and other dimensional realms. In becoming multidimensional beings, like we were back in Lemuria, we as a collective will align with the crystalline grid, downloading and integrating ascension codes for activating our etheric crystalline light bodies and raising the vibration of Earth to unite in the 5D ascended New Earth paradise.


More and more of us are awakening in 2020 and the crystalline grid is being activated.


The crystalline grid is a network for us to tune in to the multidimensional galactic communities here to assist us in ascending to higher dimensions, opening new channels of telepathic communication.

When we synch with the crystalline grid we become activated, a beacon for the network of higher light frequency to transmit through us codes for ascension, amplifying the grid’s “broadcast” signal.

We can connect to the planetary crystal grid and download light codes, navigational coordinates and energy maps, essentially the blueprints for Ascension. We can ground these downloads into the physical from the etheric, to integrate the guidance and direction for our mission here on Earth now, to serve the healing and awakening of the planet.


By connecting with the Earth’s crystalline grid we can:

  • Unite with other Lightworkers and with our star families and spirit guides
  • Send love and healing energy to the collective
  • Download ascension codes for telepathy and developing our intuitive abilities
  • Download codes for assisting in planetary healing
  • Assist in raising the vibration of self and others
  • Activate our crystalline light body
  • Interdimensional travel
  • Help the collective mass awakening and ascension to New Earth


Teleportation Device from The Ethers Ascension Crystal Grid


To synch with the crystalline grid we seek access points. These access points can be found at Sacred Sites around the world acting as portals or gateways to the crystalline grid. These gateways and portals are not permanent to a physical location but can be accessed within each of us. A gateway or portal can be conjured through focused intention, meditation, astral travel and opening channels to higher consciousness.


There are crystals within the Earth that receive and transmit energy through the crystalline grid network. The crystalline grid network consists of infinitely repeating geometric pathways, creating a multidimensional structure of light. When many pathways converge, an access point or vortex manifests. Our ancient ancestors were aware of these energy vortexes and aligned their sacred monuments with them. The crystalline grid is not fixed in 3D time and space, the way we are familiar with experiencing reality. The grid exists multidimensionally and can only be described as infinite, as to us in 3D we are limited by our sensory perceptions to fully fathom multidimensional reality. As we awaken and consciously participate in the massive paradigm shift taking place, we start to feel and experience an inner knowing of what 5D reality is like. By aligning with the Earth’s crystalline grid and anchoring the light codes, raising our vibration and activating our crystalline light body, we will come into knowing and experiencing the 5D New Earth energy.


Major portals, access point to the crystalline grid, are known to be at Sacred Sites around the world. Mount Kailash in Tibet, Macchu Picchu in Peru, The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Stonehenge in the UK, Mount Shasta in California, and Sedona in Arizona are some of most popular sites right now. But there are many many others around the world, and more being discovered. Remember, you do not have to go to these sites in person to access portals and gateways to higher dimensions and to connect with the crystalline grid. You can conjure a portal or stargate anywhere, anytime.


Crystals are keys to unlock the gateways to higher dimensions, and to align with the crystalline grid becoming a beacon of high frequency light energy.


Crystals are powerful tools - catalysts and accelerators for us to align with the crystalline grid. Many Quartz crystals have been programmed with records of codes for ascension and ancient Earthly and cosmic wisdom. These crystals are bridges, connecting us to the Earth’s Crystalline Grid.


Many Quartz crystals contain ascension light codes stored in the crystal formations. The light codes are programmed into the crystals by spiritually advanced beings from ancient civilizations on Earth and from galactic beings who came to Earth to assist in its creation.


Some of these crystals are Lemurian Quartz, Starbrary, Elestials, Record Keepers, Laser Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Tibetan Quartz and more.


Meditating With Quartz Crystals to Align With the Crystalline Grid:

I recommend working with a raw unpolished Quartz crystal as its rough surface markings hold records of ascension codes. Choose any natural unpolished Quartz crystal you are drawn to working with and one that feels good in your hand.

Cleanse your Quartz crystal and remove any prior programs before using it as a tool for aligning with the Crystalline Grid.


How To Cleanse Crystals

You may wish to program your Quartz crystal with the intention for it to act as a bridge, connecting you with the Crystalline Grid and helping you to download ascension codes to assist in your awakening and your highest purpose. When you program an intention into your Quartz, the crystal will hold that programming and so you can continue to use this crystal specifically for the purpose of connecting with the Crystalline Grid.

An intention is your aim, plan or desired outcome, reason and purpose behind doing something.


Programming Quartz Crystals

Lemurian Quartz crystal meditation


Crystal Meditation

  • Holding the Quartz crystal focus on your breathing, relaxing your entire body, jaw, relaxing your gaze and enter a meditative state - open to receiving
  • Ask the crystal focused and clearly stated questions you may have about what information you are seeking from the Crystalline Grid in this meditation, or simply state, “I am raising my vibration to connect and align with the Earth’s Crystalline Grid, and open to the receive the flow of higher light frequency energy and the ascension codes for my highest purpose at this time.”
  • Lightly rub fingers along the faces of the crystal, over any Lemurian lines, Starbrary etchings and markings
  • Continue to hold the crystal until you feel a clarity wash over you, a change in your energy, a returning to your physical body, or until you are ready to set the crystal down and conclude your meditation
  • After your meditation you may wish to cleanse your crystal once again, as well as cleanse yourself and/or do some grounding
  • To ground after a meditation you can drink some water or tea, put your bare feet on the Earth, go for a walk outside or any grounding technique you like to do


The Ascension codes and ancient records you download from the Quartz crystal may take time to process. All will be revealed to you when you are ready and when you can best benefit from being consciously aware of the messages. They may come subtly, gradually over time, and you may not attribute the revelations and inner knowing to the crystal meditation. Trust in your inner knowing and be patient with your awakening journey.


Crystal Healing Grid on the beach


Other ways we can connect with the Earth’s Crystalline Grid Matrix:

Crystal Grids

  • Create a geometric grid pattern layout of crystals to align with and anchor the energy of the Earth’s Crystalline Grid
  • This can be a few crystals, one in each direction and one in the centre is a great starting point, or it can be as elaborate as you like, its creation and pattern is intuitively up to you, and there is no wrong way to create a grid
  • Crystal Grid holds the intention to connect with the Earth’s Crystalline Grid and maintain that connection through the crystal grid you’ve created
  • A crystal grid is best created intuitively with the crystals you are drawn to at the time
  • While laying out your crystal grid state your intentions or simply state, “This crystal grid layout connects and aligns with the Earth’s Crystalline Grid, anchoring the flow of higher light frequency energy and the ascension codes for my highest purpose at this time.”
  • You can meditate with your grid whenever you like, restating your intention and reactivating the grid as you raise your vibration to connect with its energy


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Crystal Gridding a Space/Room or in Nature

This crystal grid can be temporary or remain in the space for however long you like and involves placing crystals in the corners and around the perimeter of a room or entire building or in a large pattern within a space. Some people create crystal grids in the foundation if they are building a brand new home or dwelling. You can do this around your home or office or in your yard/garden. Crystal gridding can also be done by burying crystals in the ground at various points along the perimeter. Temporary (or permanent) larger scale crystal grids can be created outdoors, on a beach, in a park a field, garden, forest etc and activated with the intention to hold the energy of the grid even when the crystals are taken away (if you do not want to lose them by leaving them out in nature).

Healing Crystal Grid on the beach


Once we are connected and resonating with the frequency of the Earth’s Crystalline Grid we become activated like a light beacon, transmitting and receiving the higher light frequencies. With these upgrades from connecting with the Crystalline Grid matrix we then ourselves become a bridge, helping others connect to the access points on the Earth’s crystalline grid. By synching with the Earth’s Crystalline Grid and anchoring its energies, we can ground the light codes into the physical from the etheric to integrate the guidance for our mission here on Earth now, assisting in raising the vibrational frequency to serve the healing and awakening of the planet.


With Gratitude,





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