Cosmic Events: Solstice Dec 21st 2020

Cosmic Events: Solstice Dec 21st 2020


Solstice December 21st 2020


Solstice is a powerful energetic time, the longest night of the year, marking the start of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year and start of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere.


Known as the “return of the light”, since each day after Winter Solstice gets longer as the nights get shorter.

It is known to be a time of powerful natural forces in the Universe and Earth’s connection to the cosmos. It is a time for turning inward, honouring Gaia, and Earth’s abundance, paying reverence to the natural world and the Universe.


Solstice is always a significant date, but December 21st, 2020, Solstice is an exceptional one.


A New Clear Vision for the future of Earth.


There are major cosmic events occurring simultaneously. The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, a rare astronomical planetary alignment is taking place. The Uluru prophecy is also set to activate on Solstice, December 21st, 2020.


Solstices initiate awakenings, and accelerate activations. As we download the new higher frequencies on Earth and light codes from Pleiades and other Star Systems, we will experience spiritual and energetic upgrades.



The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn


The orbits of Jupiter and Saturn come into very close alignment with each other and the Earth. The closest that Jupiter and Saturn meet in a grand conjunction since 1623, 397 years ago.


On December 21st, 2020, the night of the Grand Conjunction, Jupiter and Saturn will look like one giant star.


This is a powerful astrological event, a 4D bridge opening a portal to 5D consciousness. A grand awakening. Initiating awakenings in people for the first time, and activations and upgrades in those already awakened and doing the healing work on their ascension journey.


This is an energetic upgrade for the Earth, and these new energies are available to those of us open to receiving them.

Offering codes for expansion, freedom, limitless-ness.


These higher frequency activations and new energy bring karmic lessons necessary for our healing. Helping us recognize that there are higher opportunities in new directions, and that when a path is obstructed it is not the desirable path.


Force nothing.


Shedding your former self to reveal a new you, more aligned with your highest self and embracing your power.



Uluru Prophecy: Pleiadian Crystal Activation


Uluru, Ayers rock, is a sandstone formation in Australia. A sacred site said to have started forming over 550 million years ago.


The Australian Aboriginal Elders’ Uluru Prophecy states that crystals from the Pleiades were placed within the Uluru rock by Pleiadians and these crystals will be activated on solstice, December 21st, 2020.


The activation will be a high frequency vibration, raising the vibration of Earth to a higher level. Those who raise their vibration can tune in and resonate to the Pleiadian crystal energy activation.


The Pleiadian crystals are powerful Earth cleansers, assisting in the Earth’s shift and ascension.


This activation will spark in us, latent and forgotten higher sensory spiritual abilities, like teleportation and telepathy.


Unseen but energetically felt Crystal gifts from star origins.



Cosmic Planetary Alignment


December 21st-25th 2020 there will be a galactic solar alignment causing a solar storm and pole shift. December 25-31st a galactic portal is open providing Starseeds with personal and collective illumination, a crystal clear vision of a new Earth. Initiating the adoption of a new perspective, heightened senses, and activation of higher senses, intuition and psychic abilities.


Portals to celestial realms are open and accessible, the veil is thinner than ever. The keys to gateways, bridges to higher dimensional realms, are activated and await our exploration.


This new energy, illumination, clear vision and new perspective cannot be predicted or fully conceived of yet.


We are upgrading and experiencing a levelling up, and the Earth is as well. This levelling up is activating our crystalline light bodies, increasing our power to transmit and receive energy and our power to manifest.


We don’t know yet what, we cannot yet fathom the effects and changes that will come along with these major cosmic events. Though they may occur in the etheric field and we may not feel them immediately on a physical level, no doubt we have an opportunity for transformation, to advance spiritually to a higher vibrational frequency.


This activation involves latent gifts in our DNA, psychic technological abilities from our ancient past, resurfacing to present knowledge, a heightening of senses and development of new senses, knowledge of use of crystalline technology, natural healing techniques, space and time travel, telepathy and more beyond the limits of 3D imagination.



Pleiadian Crystal Activation



With The Grand Conjunction, Pleiadian Crystal Activation at Uluru and Solstice on December 21st and then the Cosmic Planetary Alignment Dec 21-25th, the last couple weeks of the year are powerful.


On December 21st make some time for yourself, to tune in to higher consciousness and join the thousands of beings on Earth meditating on this day.

Meditate to receive and download the light code activations energetically through the ethers.

I invite you to consider holding ceremony leading up to, through Solstice and the rest of 2020, along with myself and many other Starseeds. Set aside time for self-care, meditation, astral travel, creating a crystal grid, a sacred ritual or ceremony for tuning in, raising your vibration and anchoring the light.


With Love & Gratitude,



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    Tania Kamenos: December 20, 2020

    HI Kelly.

    I read your info, with perfect timing for me.

    May I ask you for a recommendation for creating a Light Grid ols ?

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