Blue Etheric Ray & The Bridge to Higher Consciousness

Blue Etheric Ray & The Bridge to Higher Consciousness



The Blue Etheric Ray/ Blue Flame Energy & The Throat Chakra
The Bridge of Communication & The Gateway to Higher Consciousness



The following is a compilation of messages I received intuitively between the Lion’s Gate on August 8th and the Full Moon in Pisces on September 20th, 2021. If you find yourself reading these words, know that you have been guided here for a reason. The following is, more than anything, an energetic transmission channeled through intentional word, followed by a short visualization prompt. Take only what resonates, leave the rest. I welcome you to receive these messages by tuning in to your breath and your heart space. Thank you for being here.



Throat Chakra Activation - Initiating bridge to higher realms, communicating with higher self, and luminous beings. Bringing in new truths and a major shift in perception, integrating new layers of encoded truth as it is revealed and disclosed to mass consciousness. Shifting belief systems views and patterns in your daily existence, integrating new operating systems. Upgrading to a new level. Receiving downloads of sacred knowledge, channeling higher wisdom. Hidden truths coming to light. Revealing distortions, illusions.

Throat Chakra and Blue Etheric Ray activations for higher discernment. Clearing any residual negative thought patterns and beliefs that are not in resonance, harmony and balance with your Truth. Retrieving all fragments of self left in/stuck in past attachments, terminating karmic contracts.



Seeking Truth

Communication = co = transmitting | receiving

Listening more than speaking.

Hawk energy - power of focus, vision. Power of observation. Higher discernment.

Power in your words. Use wisely. Choose when to speak, when you have a willing audience open to receiving and perceiving the shared knowledge.

Creative flow - allow source to flow through you - trust in knowing inspiration will come.

Inspired to inspire others.


Blue Flame energy unites and expands and is a conduit for co-creating by directing consciousness through communication.


Calling in Blue Ether Ray / Blue Flame energy, initiating higher Throat Chakra activations, revealing new Truths and providing higher Hawk vision, focus and perspective.


Vishuddha Throat 5th Chakra is the Gateway to Consciousness

Ether ~ Vibration ~ Truth ~ Expression ~ Communication - the uniting act of connection

Mantras ~ Sound Healing ~ Creativity ~ Telepathy


Higher Throat Chakra Activations ~ 

5th & 3rd Chakra Activation:

Throat Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra connection for empowerment, self-worth, value in your gifts and talents and what you are learning. Activations of the 5th and 3rd energy channels unlock abundance through discerning course of action and risk, imparting confidence, courage, authenticity, integrity, self-empowerment, voice, action. Humility.


5th & 4th Chakra Activation:

Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra activations of the 5th and 4th channels provide expansion, courage in leading from the heart and connecting to intuitive guidance. The heart temple reveals discovery of deeper recesses and caverns releasing attachments that form in this channel and can be released through the heart and throat open clear energy channels. A blocked throat will trap and hold beliefs and attachments preventing you from moving forward. Clearing the 4th and 5th energy channel activates the Higher Heart and bridge to Throat, clearing way for higher initiations through activating the 5th to 6th energy channels.


5th & 6th Chakra Activation:

Throat and Third Eye Chakra activations of the 5th and 6th energy channels activate higher initiations, highlighting, bringing awareness to and confirming psychic abilities, intuitive and spiritual gifts. Soaring to new heights a higher perspective, transparency with spirit / higher self, inner vision, inner knowing, truths become clear, breakthrough in clarity. Honesty with self is necessary and can spark transformation through shadow work and dark night of the soul. Activating this channel opens lines of communication with spirit guides, interdimensional beings of light, the Akashic records, Astral realms and beyond.


Clearing energy channels and embodying the Blue Etheric Ray bringing in to reunion with all aspects of self - all facets into harmony and alignment.


Channeling through the Ethers:

Blue Flame activation accelerates expansion and enhances higher discernment.

Inward expansion before outward expression.

Focus on internal healing and watch your external reality change as your perspective shifts and your thought patterns alter. A new way of being, of walking in your being, emerges.


You are on this ascension journey and have experienced awakenings - the spiral of ascension is multi-layered, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and ever-unfolding, revealing new layers of codes, unlocking sacred knowledge, the expansion is infinite, boundless, limitless and never-ending, such is the magic and beauty of this temporary lifetime in this 3d vessel.

You are more than your body, so much more than you can even fathom through the limits of the 3d vessel’s sensory operating system. Our limits are ineffable. You, your essence, your spirit and your soul, all exist beyond the limits of your 3d body vessel, beyond your auric body, etheric body, beyond time and space.


{advanced} Star Connections & Galactic Activations

Higher initiations activate visual perceptions with geometric precision. Integrating symbols and codes from interdimensional beings through etheric energy transmissions anchored in the crystalline grids and sacred geometric structures in nature - biological, chemical and culture - technological and esoteric.


These higher initiations involve a surrendering of the Mind, to the Third Eye, Intuition and The Heart. The codes received through light language, energy, frequency, sound and sacred geometry will not necessarily be “understood” or mentally comprehended but will be downloaded into the etheric body.

Higher Discernment 

Remembering timelines in Lemuria, Atlantis, Venus & connections to Sirius, Pleiades and other star systems, connecting with whales and dolphins, are all signs of star connections and galactic activations, preparing for higher initiations in perception - perceptual gifts like telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, enhancing the human 3d experience.






Your higher channels are opening as you observe the Blue Etheric energy. Rays of sky blue light, increasing in intensity to royal blue, and to indigo blue, and then back to sky blue emanate all around you. The blue etheric rays wash over you and surround you.

Focus your attention on your breath. Inhale deeply, and as you breathe in the Blue etheric ray,  all energy channels are cleared.

Take a deep breath and draw in the Blue etheric light through your feet to your pelvis, to your stomach, to your hands, to your chest, to your neck, to your head and out. And as you exhale deeply the Blue healing light moves down through the crown of your head, to your neck, your chest, your hands, your stomach, your pelvis, your feet and down rooting to the centre of the Earth. And the Blue etheric rays continue to move through you with your breath. You are now full with blue healing light energy, and all of your energy channels are clear and open.

You feel a deep sense of harmony.




Working with the Blue Etheric Ray will help us unite with soul family, develop higher relational connections with other Earthly beings and communicate with spirit guides, interdimensional, non-physical beings, and heighten intuitive and psychic gifts providing higher discernment, and Truth.





Blue Flame Energy Transmissions Offer:

  • Clearing
  • Cleansing
  • Opening
  • Stimulating Flow of Expression
  • Truth
  • Inner Knowing
  • Inner Hearing
  • Inner Seeing
  • Soul Expression
  • Connecting Bridge of Communication


Minerals that Vibrate with the Blue Flame Etheric Energy Resonant Frequencies:

Work with any of these stones in combination to harness Blue Flame energy, activate and clear the Throat Chakra, enhance communication, connect with higher self and spirit guides.


Blue Kyanite



Dumortierite in Quartz

Blue Apatite

Angelite (Blue Anhydrite)

Blue Topaz

Lapis Lazuli





Blue Zircon

Blue Sapphire

Blue Tourmaline - Indicolite & Paraiba



Blue Barite


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Calcite


Laser Quartz, Lemurian Quartz, clear Quartz & Danburite are high vibration crystal energy tools and can be used for focusing & directing Blue Flame energy and connecting with higher consciousness.





Thank you for receiving this transmission. 

Love & Gratitude,







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    Health Wealth Happiness Crystal: May 29, 2022

    it’s an amazing blog, thanks for giving us such a nice piece of content

  • Author image
    Health Wealth Happiness Crystal: May 29, 2022

    it’s an amazing blog, thanks for giving us such a nice piece of content

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