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5 Ways To Work With Healing Crystals & Stones

Posted on 30 March 2018

5 ways to work with crystals cover page

All minerals, in the form of crystals and stones have healing energies available for us to tap into and resonate with to aid in self-healing, reducing stress, raising your vibration and connecting with higher consciousness. 

Working with crystals and gemstones is an intuitive practice, and the more you engage with them, the more confident you will be in your intuitive inner knowing and guidance.


Here are 5 ways to start getting to know your crystals and stones and the healing and metaphysical powers they hold.


1. Wearing, holding stones or carrying them with you in your pocket or pouch

Keep your crystals and healing stones with you and hold on to them/ rub them for support in times of stress


2. Sleeping With Your Crystals and Stones

Place a crystal or stone beside your bed, under your bed, in your pillowcase or beside you…wherever is most comfortable for you

Choose a crystal or stone for desired intention

Recommended Crystals To Sleep With:


For Dream Work


Blue Kyanite



Phantom Quartz


For Deep, Restful Sleep




For Dispelling Nightmares

Rose Quartz





3. Meditating with Crystals and Stones

Meditate by holding the crystal in your hands or gazing into the crystal

Quiet your mind and soften your gaze or close your eyes, opening to receiving messages

Allow the crystal to reveal itself to you. Trust your intuition.



 C R Y S T A L       G R I D S 

crystal grid tourmaline emerald
4. Crystal Grids

-  Creating a crystal grid in a space or making a grid in a geometric, or mandala formation

- Using a combination of stones that work synergistically for an enhanced effect.

- Choose crystals for a desired intention

- Arrange crystals in a geometric pattern


5. Laying on of Stones 

On your own or with a trusted friend lay stone on and/around body in meditation healing session

Can also include massage with healing stone wands or smooth palm stones



S U G G E S T I O N S     F O R    W O R K I N G    W I T H    C R Y S T A L S

 There are many ways to incorporate crystals into your life. 

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. 

Given that the crystal lattice is stable and repeating in nature, a crystal always maintains its energetic structure.

The stable, orderly energy of each individual crystal or stone is unaltered by damage or if cut and shaped by lapidaries. Any form of a crystal, mineral, or gemstone can be utilized in energy healing work. 

Different forms may be desirable for different uses, 

a crystal point may be used to draw energy towards or release energy from a particular area of the body or Chakra, while a 

smooth polished stone may be desirable for use as a pocket touchstone or to lay on one’s body. 

Natural crystal clusters (minerals with multiple terminations that formed on a base rock) help to create a peaceful, positive environment in one’s home or workspace. 

Carved and polished crystal balls can be used in meditation as well as divination. 

Crystals have been worn as amulets and talismans for protection in many cultures for thousands of years.



Disclaimer: All contents on this website are from our personal experiences and we cannot guarantee you will experience the same effects.  We are not doctors and are not offering medical advice. Any information on this site should not be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.




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